DeepLock Soil Stabilization: Address Deep Soil Issues to Increase the Lifespan of Structures

For Commercial & Residential

Deep Lock Probe photo

Unstable, eroded or loose soil can leave your property prone to settlement and other types of damage. At Atlas Structural, we are uniquely suited to handle virtually any soil-related issue in a variety of challenging environments. Our DeepLock Soil Stabilization process works by injecting an expansive material through small pipes driven into problem-areas in the soil. The expanding resin adds volume and density to the soil mass to support surrounding structures and ensure their preservation. The process improves resistance to erosion, increases load carrying capacity of surfaces above the treated area, and ultimately ensures the maximum lifespan of your property.

Three examples of how DeepLock Soil Stabilization can help:

  1. Stabilizing a Seawall: Waves continuously batter sea walls, while rainwater accumulation exerts hydrostatic pressure from behind. Eventually, holes open that allow soil to escape, leaving areas of the seawall unsupported and prone to movement or collapse. Our soil stabilization resins densify and strengthen the soil behind the wall to be resist these forces. Our resins are impervious to erosion, and seal off any leaks to prevent further undermining. The process is minimally invasive and can add years to the lifespan of your seawall.
  2. Treating a High-Traffic Area at an Industrial Facility: Manufacturing and distribution facilities that see significant tractor-trailer traffic frequently have ongoing concrete issues, often at great expense to the business owner. These issues are usually not the fault of the concrete, but of the soft underlying soils that move over time as the heavy trucks exert pressure from above. Our DeepLock Soil Stabilization process addresses these issues by giving the soil the ability to absorb these forces so the concrete remains resilient over time, adding years to the lifespan of treated areas while reducing annual maintenance budgets and costly down-time for our customers.
  3. Stabilizing Stormwater Collection Structures: Because water concentrates in these areas, compromised catch basins, culverts and other stormwater structures are especially susceptible to the degrading forces of erosion. When water subverts these systems, failure can occur very quickly. Soil loss occurs at a rapid rate resulting in no alternative but costly replacement and downtime. Our DeepLock Soil Stabilization process can stabilize these structures, seal pipe joints to prevent soil loss, and help direct water through the structure as it was designed. The result is a stormwater collection that remains relatively low-maintenance and has a very long useful lifespan.

Lift settling concrete, repair trip hazards, and preserve your property to enjoy its maximum lifespan and utility. We can stabilize these areas and many more:

  • Driveways
  • Foundations
  • Pool Decks
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Front Landings
  • Settling Stairs