Residential Services

Concrete Lifting & Leveling

Our Concrete Lifting & Leveling service addresses issues such as concrete settlement, cracking and other types of deterioration. We inject a material directly underneath the concrete where it expands with enough force to lift virtually any settled slab back into position, ensuring total stability of the treated area.

The process fills any cavities lurking beneath the slab, strengthens underlying soils and greatly improves the lifespan of your driveway, patio, pool deck, sidewalk, and more. Installation is fast, minimally invasive, and requires no mess or excavation. Our material cures within minutes, meaning the treated area can be used again immediately after we’re done.

Our products are engineered to be environmentally-friendly, safe to touch potable water (NSF 61-5 certified), and are designed to ensure you get the best use and longest life out of your property. If your property is experiencing concrete issues, reach out today for your free consultation.

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Structural Foundation Repair

Over time, heavy rains, freeze-thaw cycles and other factors can cause the soil beneath your home to shift and settle. Areas of your foundation left unsupported are susceptible to structural damage. At Atlas Structural, we use a variety of industry-leading repair applications to bring the right solution to your issue.

Some indicators your home may be experiencing structural issues are sloping or uneven floors, cracks in the interior or exterior walls, and doors or windows that don’t function properly. If you believe your property may be at risk, call us today. Our expert solutions are backed by an industry-leading warranty, and bring you the confidence that your home rests on solid ground.

Seawall Stabilization & More

We perform maintenance on sea walls as well as retaining walls, culverts, and private dams, and most outdoor installations that are affected by settling and erosion. The greatest factor in the deterioration of these structures is that areas are left unsupported as soil migrates, settles, or washes away over time.

In the instance of a seawall, not only does it experience degrading forces from the water as waves batter and undermine the wall, but also from the back side as water can accumulate behind the wall during periods of heavy rain. This hydrostatic pressure causes the soil to move, leaving the seawall unsupported and prone to collapse.

Our treatments work by ensuring stability of the soil surrounding and supporting the structure, maintaining and increasing the lifespan of these areas, with a goal of saving our customers money by preventing costly repairs and delaying replacement for as long as possible.

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