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Pre-Construction Helical Piers: How to Build a 1000-year Foundation

If your goal is to build a home that will last for generations, the best place to start is with a helical pier foundation support system from Atlas Structural. We design each helical pier system to support at least twice the weight of the structure being built on top, effectively eliminating any chance your home will ever experience structural settlement.

Our helical pier systems work by transferring the weight of the structure deep into the load bearing strata of the soil, bypassing any potential soft soil issues near the surface that could cause issues down the line. During installation, torque is monitored to ensure each pier reaches its full capacity; each helical pier is then cut off at the appropriate height, capped and subsequently embedded in the concrete of the foundation.

We design each helical pier system to the unique needs of each project. Our foundation support systems can be installed quickly and produce no spoils. We use only the highest quality American-made treated with galvanization to prevent rust, and every foundation support system comes with a lifetime warranty for the structural integrity of your home, building, pool or other structure.

Our helical pier foundation support systems are suited for use in residential, commercial and industrial projects, and have other many other uses in swimming pool construction, boardwalk foundations, seawall construction and more. In addition to helical piers and tie-backs, we offer a variety of other anchors to ensure we provide the best solution for every project, including grouted pulldown piles, tension anchors, anti-buoyancy anchors and more.

Helical Pile Deep Foundations
Capped Piers photo
Staggered Tie photo